Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seacret Spa

i have a great product i would like to share with you all<3 
i was in the mall with my husband & i got stopped by a girl to try out a lotion. so me being me i feel bad when i keep it pushing so anyways i followed her & she placed a lotion on my hands felt great. then she asked if what she was seeing were my natural nails i answered yes. she began to buff my nails. i’ve used nails buffers all the time when i give myself manicures since i have all the stuff to do so & was taught all the steps anyways off topic again…. when she was done she released the buffer & my nails was super shiny. nothing new to me i see it all the time, but when i do it it doesnt last as long. she said i can cook clean w.e & i am still going to have the shine to it for 2 weeks. the day is almost over & the shine is still there. we was given a promo code so it was only $29.99 plus tax. if you check out the site it’s original price is $59.95 but it is on sale on their website for $49.95. GO CHECK THIS KIT OUT! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!

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